I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to restore and improve my skin while at the same time stimulating points on my face that support my whole mind and body connection.

My skin glows and feels lifted – I have been asked by many what have I done 😊

As a health practitioner, I am very selective, and I only support natural treatment protocols. So pleased to have attended and every woman who wants to enjoy radiant and firmer skin, as well as a daily glow, should attend your workshop.

Susan Gianevsky

Health Practitioner | International Health Speaker

Have you ever let out a little gasp after seeing yourself in a photo?

Have you ever done a double take after a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? 

Have you ever resisted smiling in a photo because of your laugh lines? 

Do you avoid certain places due to the lighting? (We’re looking at you, dressing rooms…) 

Are you sporting tight ponytails or headbands in hopes of decreasing your forehead wrinkles? 

Don’t worry if you’re nodding… I was right there too (Not the ponytail though, not enough hair LOL)

The thing is, as we go about our day-to-day lives, our self mental image rarely changes

I still feel like the 35 year-old who looked into the world with fresh eyes 

And truthfully, 34 years later, I still do, my appearance is the main thing that has shifted since then! 

So no wonder we are surprised a little when we see the effects of ageing

I saw a photo of myself that changed everything…

At 63, it was a jaw dropping experience to see deep mouth wrinkles and hollow cheeks staring back at me.

Ageing had rarely concerned me up until this point, so seeing that photo thoroughly shocked me; I wondered, when did this happen?!

After chatting with some of my friends, I realized most people were responding to wrinkles one of two ways:

1. Ignoring them and resigning to ageing… Or,  

2. Using “quick fixes” and invasive procedures to reverse them!

Neither of those options seemed attractive to me

Ignoring what I saw hardly seemed possible to me -- that photo was swimming around in my dreams! 

But I didn’t want to have a foreign substance injected into my face… and I certainly didn’t want to go under the knife. The risks were too scary. Plus, it didn’t seem like a permanent solution. 

Now I know I’m not the only one to go through this internal struggle

In fact, it’s a crack that many ageing women slip through

I know, because I hear it from nearly every new client! Natural healthcare and natural beauty are huge nowadays, and yet there didn’t seem to be much out there for natural facelifts. I thought… How is that possible?

But here’s where I tell you not to worry: there’s officially a third option

About three years after I saw the photo that shocked me, I decided to do something about it

I wasn’t going to sit around with those two invasive “options”

So, based on my experience as a Foot and Face Reflexologist, I conducted my own research and trialled the techniques on my face.


I knew I was onto something when my experiments started to result in facial features that were plumper, more Refreshed and Rejuvenated

YES, REALLY & WITH health benefits

  • Skin Health

    As facial skin is worked in a specific way, lymphatic drainage is stimulated. With improved lymph flow, toxins and congestion are cleared from cells. This helps them to receive nutrients more readily. As skin layers are worked, muscles are warmed and attract more blood. As blood flow increases, all cells are better hydrated.

  • Toned Face

    Stimulating and working facial muscles tones them. This prevents sagging caused by age and stress. Tension is released so muscles respond to the strengthening steps. Stronger facial muscles are the foundation and support all skin layers, lifting them and softening wrinkles. The face looks more defined and toned.

  • Health

    The combination of facial massage and muscle strengthening have amazing benefits. Skin pigmentation and uneven skin tone are helped as skin hydration improves. Tension headaches are eased as muscles are more relaxed and stronger. Light sinus congestion can be cleared thanks to improved blood supply and lymph drainage, both helping to clear congestion.

  • Wrinkles

    Early onset of wrinkles is delayed, and existing ones are softened, some may disappear as the whole face is worked using the 3-step method. As muscles are strengthened and the natural production of elastin and collagen is boosted, the foundations are stronger which helps the outer skin layers to be better supported and tightened giving a younger and fresher look.

  • Communication

    Verbal communication is one aspect of how we interact with family and friends. Using the 3-step method on the face gives you glowing skin, increased flexibility and mobility of facial muscles, etc. Unlike some invasive options, you can improve communication as you gain confidence in your looks and know your glowing face reflects increased freshness to the world.

Ready to get started?

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Watch Intro Video

Why I created The Natural Facelift Method

with Anne Hilarius-Ford

Now, at 70, I look and feel fresher and more in line with the mental image I have of myself. My confidence has skyrocketed!

I started with a 'damaged canvas' and have plumped up and refreshed my face

If I can do it, starting with a damaged canvas, you can too to prevent getting to that point!

Now, this is the point where I sometimes lose people…

I’ve heard everything from

“If this works, why are there still cosmetic surgeons?!” 


“If this works, how are you not a multi-billionaire?” 

The truth is, as with nearly any natural alternative, the “catching on” period takes time

People are so used to the invasive options that they are hesitant to try the “new” one that just sprung up

But in all actuality, this method has been around far longer than anything else. That’s because The Natural Facelift works WITH your body

It’s not a cosmetic procedure, and it’s not simple ignorance

It’s a partnership with your face and the act of reclaiming your ability to look and feel fantastic

Remember, it works on your facial features AND on your wellbeing!

It’s you taking the reins in your healthcare again

It’s education that leads to empowerment

Introducing The Natural Facelift Online Workshop

Those who, daily, use the techniques in this online workshop, experience softer wrinkles, stronger facial muscles, and plumper features

Skin is healthier as the techniques increase blood flow to all cells and improve lymph flow

With the daily practice there is clearing of congestion, toxins, and waste material. This results in healthier skin as nutrients flow freely to all cells

Due to the many projections of the body on the face (just like the foot!), general health also improves

Clients have reported improved energy and sleep and even cleared sinuses!

Those who attend this workshop will come away with a 5-minute daily routine that will become a lifelong habit

From the boardroom to the bedroom, a lack of confidence can hurt 

You want to get up and do what you rock at, without worrying about your appearance

You don’t want management to start planning your retirement party 10 years too early

That’s why it is my mission to educate and empower women to look their best naturally

I’ve done the research and the trials; will you put in the work to look and feel your best?  


Students' results, just a few hours after first learning The Natural Facelift Workshop

What students have said...

“The hands on was great, and the difference was amazing, my skin felt so alive and the Gua Sha is wonderful. I have used it on several parts of the body to remove congestion, so I find it a good adjunct to my Reflexology.”

Natalie Baker

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Am gradually introducing the ‘massage system’ into my routine. Now to make it part of my daily health regime! Will keep you informed. ”


“Thank you for having me in your Natural Facelift course. I learnt a lot from it.”

Lian T
5 star rating

Great course!

Adam R.

Really valuable information with steps that are explained in a practical way that are easy to follow and make a real difference.

Really valuable information with steps that are explained in a practical way that are easy to follow and make a real difference.

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