How to Get the Edge Off Anxiety & Stress Naturally

Feedback from clients show it is possible

For many of us Life means Busyness

Society has changed as things speed up 

New discoveries appear at an increased rate, more is expected from us. Worldwide mobility through work and opportunities are second to none in our civilization! Sooo much is happening within our 24 clock and this takes a toll on our mind, body and emotions.

Some of the symptoms 
tight muscles, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, indigestion, period pain, etc


Our forefathers knew about stress, oh yes! For them it meant the difference between life and death and, when the danger was over, the stress hormones flowing through the body stopped.

Compared to our forefathers, many events in our lives are high on the Stress Management scale and last for days, weeks, months if not years. To cope, it is easy to either pop pills to regain some calmness and control, but these have side effects that may have detrimental effects on our health.

Not doing anything, stretches the coping capacities of our bodies and this may result in a breakdown in how all body systems function leading to illness. It is known that approx. 85% of illnesses are a result of long term stress in our lives.

There are natural solutions

When body and mind are hurting: stressful events trigger the sympathetic nervous system and stress hormones flow throughout the body so that we are ready for fight or flight!

A stress response is very helpful when needed in short burst, 
but not 24/7!

Activate the relaxing hormones

This workshop gives insights on why we are stressed and empowers you to get some relief naturally.

You may still need some form of treatment, however this workshops gives you the tools to self-manage the situation yourself to support that.

Tips to help Anxiety & Stress

  • Welcome

    Self-manage health and well-being, naturally at home besides any other treatments that may be required

  • Guides

    Downloadable guides offer general relaxation, support and focused exercises

  • Theory

    What are anxiety and stress, what are some of the causes and how can we work with them?

  • Techniques

    Support your body to be as well as possible, naturally, at home

  • Practical

    Demonstration of techniques that support stress release and relaxation

  • Lifestyle

    Tips to create awareness around anxiety & stress

Feel more relaxed and in control

Get started now and experience increased calmness


“I absolutely loved this Anne ! I have tried meditation with an app before but love that I can simplify my breathing and thoughts and do this at any time throughout the day no matter where I am. Thank you : ) ”

Amy Boyse

“Thank you Anne, I really enjoyed this course. Great to learn easy ways to relieve stress in my everyday. I love that I can perform simple breathing exercises to relieve anxiety, and daily activities can be great ways to use my time to exercise. ”

Amy Boyse