What is the purpose of these courses?

The focus is on empowering you to manage your wellbeing and be the best version of yourself, naturally. Online self-management courses support inner and outer health and beauty

  • Naturally, at home, support general wellbeing as well as specific conditions as per the courses offered

  • Refresh | Rejuvenate | Restore Facial Features Naturally

  • Non-invasive, no expensive products required

Meet your instructor

Anne Hilarius-Ford

I am an energetic and dynamic mother of 2 and Oma of 3. The Natural Facelift Method came about after seeing a photo of my face that didn’t match the mental image I had of myself. A Reflexologist with 20 years experience – working on feet, hands, ears and face – I did further research and trialed the techniques on my face. The results speak for themselves. Stronger than ever, I am passionate about empowering you to Healthy Living | Healthy Ageing and the Self-Management workshops do just that, support you where you need it to self-manage your health with or without any other treatments you may need. The practical information and tools are easy to implement in your daily life. More workshops will be published in the future, please contact me if there is a specific one you would wish to see here. I am also happy to have a chat.



Since 1999, having successfully used a variety of approaches with clients to support body and mind to be as healthy and balanced as possible, I am now passionate to empower you to self-manage your health and well-being at home, in your own time. The information shared here is kept simple as well as easy to implement in your daily routine as I understand your life is full. You wish to look and feel your best naturally with non-invasive methods. Dip. Clinical Reflexology, Dip. Facial Reflexology, Dip. Japanese Cosmo FaceLifting.


“The Natural Facelift Method: I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to restore and improve my skin while at the same time stimulating points on my face that support my whole mind and body connection. My skin glows and feels lifted – I have been asked by many what have I done 😊 As a health practitioner, I am very selective, and I only support natural treatment protocols. So pleased to have done this and every woman who wants to enjoy radiant and firmer skin, as well as a daily glow, should do your workshop.”

Susan Gianevsky

“The Menopause course offers a great over-view understanding of what is occurring in the body at menopause and offers specific guided instruction on ancient and proven reflexology techniques to use as a natural management of the changes. I look forward to intorducig them into my daily routine”

Jane Ramsay-McCoach

“The Natural Facelift Method: Great course! Really valuable information with steps that are explained in a practical way that are easy to follow and make a real difference.”

Adam R.